Invention, reliable and efficient non-contact musical gestural interface


First real laser-based MIDI Controller ( beyond the mere on/off )

Digital Dynamic Geometry, patent pending. Measured data are:

  • Direction vector (up to 3 parameters according to version).
  • Speed ​​(one must exceed Mach 0.85 to possibly lose a beat with a 6 mm rod)
  • Longitudinal crossing position 

 The useful length can range from a few centimetres to several meters, (and use visible light beams like a laser-harp)


For example, in musical instrument mapping mode:
  • A new musical gesture with control of the pitch, dynamics and articulation
  • Great for improvisation
  • Excellent visibility and legibility of gesture by the spectators
  • A contactless play but by manipulating an object, a baton (or a broomstick, or a rope, or a led foam stick, or ... nothing, just fingers).
  • A really intuitive use...     really
  • We are facing a real object that can be positioned and adjusted
  • A good visual feedback even with low power lasers. Cutting laser beams with a stick produces bright persistent spots.
  • Widely customizable and configurable
  • Finally, very "fun"

The smart Laser Harp

Demo with a led light stick (musically a joke, free gesture improvisation)

Demo DJ Samples loop trigger   (  Aerodynamic Daft Punk )  If the velocity is not used for example to trigger samples, the size and the position of passage of the object determine the MIDI Event. Here with one finger, the flat of the hand and a 5mm baton. The system is strictly digital, a determined movement always produces the same effect, it is absolutely not an analog proximity sensor (kind D-beam Roland).

Demo Drums    Velocity modulation & switch pedal for Back and Forth Note On.  Beambow split version + Bosch drill  :-)

Demo Drums  Speed and Accuracy.  Beambow split version + Bosch drill  :-)

This video is a demonstration of the technology, musically it's a bit improvised anything

Patent pending:   (WO2016079420) CONTROL DEVICE, OPERATION METHOD OF SUCH A DEVICE AND AUDIOVISUAL SYSTEM             Claude Francis Juhen